About MBA

About MBA

Our Mission

MBA is composed of people from all walks of life to promote, educate and actively participate in the conservation of the Eastern Bluebird in New England.

Our History

 The first MBA  meeting was held on May 13, 2000 in Amherst, MA with thirty one birders for all over the area.      We agreed to become an affiliate of the North American Bluebird Association (NABS). We then became very involved creating our brochure, new member packets, a newsletter, our official MBA website and making many new friends.

We look forward to the fellowship of supporting a common purpose with NABS, other NABS affiliate groups, North American bluebirders, and our own local members.

Members of the MBA are  dedicated to continuing the effort  to recover and increase the population of the Eastern Bluebird, as well as our other native cavity nesting birds.

Through education, research, and the building and maintaining of bluebird boxes and trails, our mission is to provide the best methods to secure a safe habitat and nesting environment for the protection and proliferation of these species.  

We invite you to join us in this very exciting effort that not only places conservation first, but brings much satisfaction to those involved.

MBA Board of Directors